Getting fair treatment and compensation after a car accident isn’t as simple as talking to an insurance company. The insurance adjuster working on your case has one clear priority – to pay you as little as possible, even if you weren’t the one responsible for the accident.

You need someone in your corner with a proven track record going up against insurance companies. Sweet James is here to make sure your rights are protected against these insurance companies.

When should I call?


There are many different ways things can go wrong in a car accident case, even if it seems like a straightforward one. Too many people attempt to handle their own case and inadvertently make mistakes that close the doors to adequate treatment and fair compensation.

When you call Sweet James, you’ll spend less of your time dealing with the accident and end up with more money in your pocket.

When you’ve been injured, it can be tempting to take the path of least resistance. But doing so seriously hurts your ability to get even the minimum compensation needed to pay your medical bills.

Make sure you’re keeping your path to recovery open. We give our clients the clear answers they need – the answers that protect them, their case, and their chances for a full recovery.

What should I expect from the insurance company?

The answer is simple — expect them to screw you.

Big insurance companies hold all the cards and they know how to use them against an accident victim. Going against them alone is like taking a foam bat to a gun fight.

In a typical accident, the pain you feel will only be compounded by the frustration of dealing with insurance adjusters. Make no mistake, it’s not because they’re bad at what they do, it’s because they are very good.

The harder it is to deal with the insurance company the more likely you are to give up. They want you to quit. Even if you don’t quit, most people get so fed up that they settle too early and for too little. Either way the insurance company is able to save a buck at your expense.

The Bottom Line:  It’s an insurance adjuster’s job to lessen their payouts. They have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to make your claim seem less valuable. Taking advantage of the rules is their job. They know the questions to ask and the way to phrase those questions to make you and your case look as bad as possible. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Call Sweet James today at 1-800-881-2021 for a free case review any hour of the day.