When You Become Our Client, We Put You First

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at some recent client reviews. All of us at Bergener Mirejovsky take great pride in the care and professionalism with which we handle every case.

M.S. a KFI AM640 listener

“I recently used this firm to handle my personal injury accident case after being rear ended.  I learned about this firm after hearing their ads on KFI.

First and foremost, I wholeheartedly recommend using them and everything you hear in their radio ad is spot on accurate.

Here are some specifics of why I admire them so much.

1.) They are quick to arrange convenient care by reputable providers.
2.) They really do have a dedicated and professional team who looks out for your best interests.
3.) They are responsive, helpful, and empathetic.
4.) Most importantly, they REALLY fight for you every step of the way. They are amazing negotiators. I could not believe the settlement they were able to obtain.

Don’t hesitate to call them one bit. I didn’t and it was the best decision I made after such an unfortunate accident. You will not regret it.”

E.C. a KLAC AM570 Petros & Money listener

“I had never had to use a law firm before but I did not think I should let my insurance company tell me what i needed to do. I am so glad i heard about [Bergener Mirejovsky]. They worked with my insurance company, my doctors and even my employer. They stayed in touch with me the entire time, got my medical bills covered and a very nice pain and suffering settlement.

I have recommended this Law Firm to a few friends who found themselves in the same predicament and they have also been very pleased.”

J.V. a KFI AM640 Bill Handel listener

“I was rear ended by a guy going 40 mph and I was at a dead stop. I called my husband crying and in great pain and shock to come get me on the side of the freeway. Emergency services had already been called. He called me back 15 minutes later and said that he had already called “Sweet James” and they would take care of us. I had no idea that the service we got was red carpet all the way!”

J.D. a KFI AM640 Tim Conway Listener

“After having been in a car accident before, I know that often times you will experience neck and back issues down the line. I already have issues with both and when I was rear ended in December and over basically no compassion or compensation from the offenders insurance, I decided to seek legal advice. I have never done this before but I really felt that I needed someone to protect my best interest.

I want to say that Bergener and staff went above and beyond. The staff member who came out to meet with me in my home was the most compassionate person. Every time I left a message with a concern or an issue I promptly received a phone call back. I felt that the staff truly cared about me and about my recovery.”

R.O. a KFI AM640 John & Ken Listener

“While on vacation last year in Lake Tahoe, my fiancé [R] was hit by a car in a cross walk.  He was rushed to a hospital and given a complete hip replacement. Needless to say it changed his entire life at 56 years old.  I had heard advertisements about [Bergener Mirejovsky] on the John & Ken KFI 640 AM Radio Station and called them right away to seek representation; from that beginning point, he was given the utmost support and care with his case.

They were highly professional, socially caring and respectful of each and every specific detail while taking thorough responsibility and following through with every action required of them from beginning to end. We felt safe having them represent us and handling the load of our case while [R] was physically and emotionally healing. If you want the best care and representation in the business, look no further.”

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