Danny Trejo lawyer James Bergener

Nothing scares Danny Trejo in this ad—not the boogeyman, Waldo, or even the cougars in Los Angeles. But, if he gets hurt in a car accident, he’s calling the boss—personal injury lawyer James Bergener.

Danny Trejo has been in other ads (including a Spanish language ad for our law firm), but is mostly known for his roles in Machete, Desperado, Spy Kids, Breaking Bad, and Sons of Anarchy.

The ad is a fun showing of Danny’s unique onscreen persona. But on a personal level, helping people is extremely important to him. “Everything good that has ever happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else,” Danny says. “Everything.”

James Bergener started his legal career defending insurance companies. But he quickly realized his job was rarely to fight fraudulent claims. What the insurance companies wanted him to do was pay people as little as possible for their injuries, often leaving them with no ability to get the medical care they needed.

After switching sides he’s never looked back. Like Danny, the success Bergener Mirejovsky has had has come as a direct result of helping other people. We put all our resources into getting you the care you need and the settlement you deserve.



Danny Trejo’s desire to help other people shines through in his offscreen persona. It was important for us to capture the genuine Danny Trejo as well. The message he gives in Spanish is heartfelt and sincere as he encourages injured people to get the help they need.