Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat. When it comes to dogs, the bite is WAY worse than the bark. This is why Sweet James refuses to take dog bark cases. Barking dogs can be annoying as all hell. On that, you and I agree. But we won’t sue your neighbor for it.

A dog bite, on the other hand, is much more serious than missing a few hours of sleep. If you’ve been bit, you need to understand and consider your options.

When trained and cared for properly, dogs are dependable companions. But when negligent owners are in the mix, man’s best friend can become a danger to everyone. It’s not just Pit Bulls and Rottweilers that cause injuries. Happy little dogs can do some serious damage too.

What kind of bites are dangerous?

A myth we commonly hear is that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human mouth. Anyone who has watched a dog for more than five minutes knows that when Fido isn’t licking himself, it’s because he’s too busy sticking his face in the toilet.

Because dogs aren’t very picky about what they chew on or where they lick, their mouths are full of bacteria. This isn’t just an issue with big, scary dogs.  Dangerous bacteria are also happy living in the mouth of Fifi the Pomeranian who just sunk her wicked little teeth into your ankle.

Fifi’s bacteria (and the infection that could follow) won’t care that you’re too stubborn to go see a doctor. We know it’s embarrassing, but if you promise to see a doctor, we promise not to correct you when you tell your friends that the scars came from a Bull Mastiff.

While small dogs can sometimes cause massive injuries, the main concern is the risk of infection. Bigger dog breeds are much more dangerous when it comes to severe injuries. The damage these dogs are capable of inflicting can be awful. Aside from any immediate physical injuries, there are also concerns of future scarring, especially with smaller children.

You deserve to be represented by a personal injury attorney who has the experience with dog bite accidents to understand the nuances involved in these types of cases. Sweet James is uniquely qualified to maximize both your settlement and your recovery.

How do I know if I have a case?

To have a legitimate claim in California, the following conditions must be true:

  • The defendant owned the dog (or other animal)
  • You were lawfully on the premises when you were bit
  • You were injured by the bite

While those rules seem fairly straightforward, navigating the legal system and dealing with insurance companies isn’t. Insurance adjusters are crafty and very good at finding ways to minimize, delay, and deny your claim.

Every case is different and should be treated as both unique and important. Sweet James and the attorneys at Bergener Mirejovsky will spare no expense to build your case the right way; the way that will maximize the compensation you receive from your injuries.

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