Pedestrians who are hit by motor vehicles have it worse than just about anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, if you get hit by a 3,000 pound vehicle, you’re going to get hurt.

What’s crazy about these accidents is how often the pedestrian gets blamed. Insurance companies do whatever they can to make sure they pay as little as possible for these accidents. One of the ways they save money is by finding you at fault. Even in clear cut accidents we’ve taken, the pedestrian was found liable until we took over the case.

Regardless of how an accident happens, and regardless of whether or not people are telling you it was your fault, give us a call. We’ve had great success with pedestrian accidents that seem hopeless.

Sometimes, pedestrians are rushed to the hospital and only the driver is left to tell their story. By only having an official reports from one-side, it’s common for it to favor the driver, even if the pedestrian wasn’t at fault. Insurance companies will use this against you to devalue your claim.

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Trust the Insurance Company?

There is no reason at all to risk your case by giving the insurance company a chance to do the right thing. They won’t do the right thing. They’re an insurance company.

Insurance companies have a very clear business model. Take your money from premiums and then deny you fair treatment when it’s time to hold up their part of the bargain.

Call us and make sure you’re protected. We can help ensure you get the medical treatment and legal protection you need so that you’re not the one left holding that bag.

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Even if you think you might be at fault, we can evaluate your case free of charge. Don’t get screwed!