Are big rig accidents really that much worse than regular accidents?

Imagine Warren Sapp staring down a Pop Warner offensive line, waiting for the snap. On the road, Warren Sapp is a big rig and you’re a Pop Warner quarterback.

The best thing to do is obviously to avoid dangerous situations. But that isn’t always possible. People who drive commercial trucks are usually good drivers. But they spend long hours on the road. Fatigue and distraction can get the best of anyone.

What happens if I’m being careful and a truck driver hits me?

If you’re hit by a large commercial truck, you should immediately seek medical attention and legal assistance. Recognize what you shouldn’t do on your own. You’re not a doctor or a personal injury lawyer (unless you are). Don’t try to set your broken arm and don’t try to deal with an insurance company by yourself.

Hopefully, your accident didn’t cause any permanent injuries. But whatever the degree of damage, if you were hit by a semi, chances of sustaining an injury is higher. Getting well and getting your life back to normal should be your number one priority.

Unfortunately that doesn’t line up with the goals of the insurance company. It’s important to remember that their number one priority is saving money – not helping you get better. Let us deal with the insurance company. We know how to do it and we are very, very good at our jobs. While we focus on maximizing the amount of money you get from your claim, you can focus on your recovery.

What makes Sweet James the best choice as an accident attorney?

James Bergener and his team know exactly how to handle insurance companies. Before starting his firm, James defended insurance companies against injured plaintiffs. He knows their strategies inside and out. The Bergener Mirejovsky team is trained to counter all the tricks and tactics insurance companies may use.

There’s a reason we come recommended by Danny Trejo and so many radio hosts. But Sweet James doesn’t just talk a sweet game, his case results speak for themselves.

But I can’t afford an expensive attorney like Sweet James

Yes you can. Bergener Mirejovsky operates on a contingency fee. What does this mean for you? It means that you don’t pay us a dime until we collect money for you. More importantly, it means that we have the same interests. Instead of billing you hourly, we are paid based on the results we get for you.

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