Attempted Beer Thieves Caught Taking Empty Keg

Attempted Beer Thieves Caught Taking Empty Keg

There’s no excuse for stealing. But if you’re going to throw morality out the window, at least do it for something better than empty kegs of beer.

I guess it’s no surprise that people dumb enough to steal empty beer kegs would also lack the intelligence to get away with it.

A trio in New Jersey attempted to steal $1000 worth of beer to a lake party, only to be caught by police and told they were stealing empty kegs.

Surveillance footage showed three Middlesex County residents, trying to steal some kegs behind the building of Blue Alehouse, an area that was verified by the restaurant’s manager as restricted.

Around 11:20 a.m. Riverdale police officers spotted the vehicle and three people behind the restaurant. They caught the trio attempting to steal kegs valued at $100 each.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the officers spoke with the 19-year-old driver, Brianna Siegel, an 18-year-old passenger, John Buenoguaba, and 43-year-old, Donald Alena, who was standing outside the vehicle.

All three were brought in for questioning, one of them claimed that they were bringing the kegs to a lake party. When asked which lake, they were unable to answer.

All three were charged with charged with theft and conspiracy to commit theft. They were later released with a pending court date on September 16.


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