No Shave November: Beard of Justice Contest

No Shave November: Beard of Justice Contest

Every year we see the same dire prediction from facial hair forecasters. They say we’ve hit peak beard. They say this upward trend can’t go on forever.

Yet every year we prove them wrong. Because what these “experts” don’t understand is that justice never goes out of style.

On the first of November each year, some men start the morning with a shave and a clean beardless face to represent the world without justice. Others keep their beards in tact, as a symbol of the justice we’ve gained, from which we will never retreat.

Bergener & Associates seeks to honor both these ideologies. To recognize your commitment to justice, we will be giving gift cards to Starbucks, a business that has been instrumental in supporting the resurgence of the American beard.

Contest Details

Dawn of Justice Competitors should show a picture of their clean shaven face taken November 1, after their last clean shave for the month. A $25 Starbucks gift card will be sent to the best beard at the end of the month. (Contest ends November 30)

The 15 Day Itch The first two weeks of a beard are always the most difficult. The itch is there to remind us that things sometimes have to get worse before they can get better. By day 15 you should be over the hump and on the downward slope to a beard that is dense and righteous. The best beard at this halfway mark will also receive a $25 Starbucks gift card. (Contest ends November 15)

Commitment to Justice Some find it too difficult to watch a beard through its progression only to take a razor to it on November first. At Bergener & Associates, we respect this position and have a category devoted to those who commit themselves to justice as a lifestyle, not just a November fling. Your prize is also a $25 Starbucks gift card. (Contest ends November 30)

November is Beard History Month. Follow @SweetJamesLaw on Twitter and help us celebrate our rich heritage.



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