Caitlyn Jenner’s Rights at the Country Club

Caitlyn Jenner’s Rights at the Country Club

Bruce Jenner’s recent photos of his transition to Caitlyn Jenner made a big splash on the internet this week. However, with the physical changes that Jenner is going through, come lifestyle changes.

Bruce Jenner became a member of Sherwood Country Club located in Thousand Oaks, CA 15 years ago and golfed there almost everyday.

The country club is known to be very prestigious with an initiation fee ranging between $150,000 and $300,000.

Along with the high initiation fee, there are certain privileges rights that Caitlyn may be losing.

For instance, the men’s locker room has a grill for the use of male’s only, however the women’s locker room has its own eating area that is scaled down compared to the men’s locker room.

Sherwood sources claim that the board will enforce rules where Caitlyn may not share the same privileges as Bruce was able to.

This brings up the obvious questions about discrimination and rights under the law. But legally speaking, this isn’t the same as the controversy we saw months ago in Indiana. That controversy dealt with normal businesses, not private clubs.

Private clubs can pretty much do as they please. A truly private club is one that is not open to the public. These clubs have a wide berth when it comes to discrimination. If they want to make a club that bars membership to decedents of Vikings or Nigerian princes, they can do that.

Augusta National, home of the Masters Tournament, didn’t allow black members until 1990. Females were only given membership in late 2012.

Neither of those changes at Augusta National were made by appeals to civil rights. The country club simply decided (a bit late) that it would finally admit people equally.

So Sherwood Country Club is perfectly within their rights to make whatever rules they want. Nevertheless, the board is open to an appeal by Caitlyn, herself, to maintain the same rights as Bruce did.

The club is closed until December for renovations giving them plenty of time to consider the issue.



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