Car Thieves Drop 8-Year-Old At School in Norfolk

Car Thieves Drop 8-Year-Old At School in Norfolk

Two men reportedly stole a vehicle while an 8-year-old boy was still inside the vehicle. So the thieves decided to drop him off at school in Norfolk, Virginia.

The young boy was inside his mom’s car when she ran inside her workplace with the keys still in the ignition. Two men in their early 20’s took the opportunity and decided to steal┬áthe car without realizing the boy was inside.

When they saw the child, they asked what school he attended. The boy said he went to Ghent Elementary School. So the thieves drove to the school, dropped off the 8-year-old, and left with the car.

Police found the stolen vehicle about three miles from the school. Unfortunately, they were unable to locate the two car thieves.



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