Couple Falls Asleep in House They Robbed

Couple Falls Asleep in House They Robbed

It feels like I can’t go a single day without coming across a good submission for the World’s Dumbest Criminal Awards.

Police in Pennsylvania reported to home burglary, however when they arrived officers found a couple asleep in the homeowner’s garage.

The incident was reported when the female homeowner had gone downstairs to find a glass jar containing cash missing as well as some displaced furniture.

The cabinets were open, her safe was on the back porch, and her purse was missing.

She called police after realizing her basement door was forced open.

Once police officials arrived, they discovered the garage lights turned on and found the two intruders asleep.

One of the intruders, Spencer Peak, 21, faces burglary and other charges and has a preliminary hearing September 1st.

However, the woman found with Peak has yet to be charged.


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