Fake DUI checkpoint

Fake DUI checkpoint

A Pennsylvania man set up a fake checkpoint while pretending to be a state trooper, drunk.

Logan Shaulis, 19, parked his vehicle near Route 601 and set up road flares around 4 a.m. creating a false checkpoint.

A motorist actually stopped at the checkpoint and Shaulis demanded to see the driver’s license, registration, and insurance.

When real Pennsylvania state troopers arrived on the scene, the male suspect tried to hand a BB pistol the passenger of the stopped vehicle claiming he couldn’t get caught with it.

Shaulis faces DUI charges, impersonating a public servant and unlawful restraint. In all he is being charged with one felony and 15 misdemeanors.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for June 9, but has been continued without a new hearing date.


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