Forklifting Under the Influence

Forklifting Under the Influence

A 21-year-old man drove a stolen forklift for more than 3 miles while under the influence of alcohol to try and retrieve the truck he crashed.

Police in Fairbanks, Alaska reported that just before 6 a.m. Monday morning of March 30, Aleksandr Glushko of Delta Junction drove his pickup truck off the road and crashed into stacked pipe in a company yard.

Glushko then left his pickup truck that was straddling the pipe.

The young man walked to George Horner Ice park, where he stole a forklift and drove it back to the location of his pickup truck.

An Alaskan Railroad worker was first to spot Glushko at the crash site driving the forklift.

Police arrived to the scene where Glushko was charged with driving under the influence.

I’m not a beer scientist or anything, but I’m guessing you’ve got to be pretty drunk to crash your truck, walk three miles, steal a forklift, drive the forklift back three miles and still be visibly intoxicated.

Lessons learned: Don’t drink and drive. Don’t steal forklifts.


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