Google’s Self Driving Car Pulled Over For Being Too Slow

Google’s Self Driving Car Pulled Over For Being Too Slow

California Highway Patrol in Mountain View pulled over a vehicle for driving too slowly, only to find out there was no driver behind the wheel.

The officer noticed that a vehicle was driving at a very slow pace, specifically 24 mph at a 35 mph zone, and backing up traffic. Once they got closer to the car, they realized it was Google’s self driving car.

Officers stopped the car and attempted to contact the driver for driving at a slow rate of speed, but realized there was no driver in the car. No citation was given – presumably because there was no one to give it to.

California law requires that someone must be in the driver’s seat of autonomous vehicles, even if they aren’t operating the motor vehicle.

Google responded in a blog post that cars should never have to receive a ticket and added, “Driving too slowly? Bet humans don’t get pulled over for that too often.”

While I’m not a big fan of speeding tickets, I’m even less of a fan of slow drivers. And it’s not much fun flipping off a car with no driver. I really hope this doesn’t become a thing.

The tech company explained the self driving vehicle was on the road for testing purposes.


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