Heidi & Frank | 95.5 KLOS | Heidi’s Car Accident

Heidi & Frank | 95.5 KLOS | Heidi’s Car Accident

Heidi Hamilton of the Heidi & Frank Show on 95.5 KLOS talks about her car accident years ago that left her injured and with medical bills that she ended up paying because she didn’t know to hire Sweet James Bergener.


I was in an accident, it’s been several years, but I was in a meeting with James Bergener – Sweet James Bergener, the Dense Beard of Justice. And I said, “you know a few years ago I was in an accident and it was not my fault, I was the passenger in a car. And I went through the windshield and had like twenty-some stitches in my face” and he’s like, “did you have an attorney.”

And I didn’t have an attorney I didn’t know anything about it. And he got so upset with me. I had to pay all my own medical bills, and he said, “you shouldn’t have had to do that. If you had a guy like me in your corner I would have stepped in and I would have got all your medical bills paid for and even got you a little more money.”

So if that is the sort of thing that has happened to you, where you needed an attorney but never picked up the phone and called one. Do yourself a favor. Let Sweet James handle things for you. He knows what he’s doing.


I wish I’d had him back then. Check him out online at sweetjames.com. Keep in mind James has collected more than 200 million dollars for accident victims. That could be you.


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