Honey Bee Semi Truck Rolls Over in Gavin County, Oklahoma

Honey Bee Semi Truck Rolls Over in Gavin County, Oklahoma

A truck carrying honey bees rolled over on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma Tuesday afternoon releasing tons of bees. Oklahoma Highway patrol troopers reported to the scene just south of Pauls Valley in Garvin County around 1 p.m.

Upon arrival they were swarmed with bees. The total number of honey bees are unclear, but is estimated to be in the millions.

Traffic was backed up to almost four miles while authorities were attempting to gather the bees.

The condition of the truck driver is unknown.

I’m actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Bees are being transported throughout the country on a regular basis. During the two weeks of almond pollination, trucks come to California from as far as North Carolina.

Adding to the risk, these drivers only operate at night while the bees are inactive. Driving through the night on a regular basis is no easy task.

It would be scary enough getting in an accident with a big rig, but a big rig full of bees? That’s straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock episode. We should count ourselves lucky it doesn’t happen more often.


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