Indiana Man Arrested for Public Toad Licking

Indiana Man Arrested for Public Toad Licking

A 41-year-old male of LaPorte, Indiana was arrested Sunday morning after refusing to leave the property of JJ’s Sideout Bar & Grill.

The incident occurred when the bar security asked Richard Mullins to provide an ID. Mullins ignored the request and refused to cooperate with the staff members.

The man did not show proof of identification, so bar security escorted him outside and told to leave the premises.

That’s when Mullins began dancing around the parking lot. He then picked up a toad and proceeded to lick the toad.

When police arrived on the scene they witness the LaPorte man barefoot, holding his sandals.

The officers spoke with Mullins, who was still dancing, on the public sidewalk and warned him not to step back onto the property or he’d be arrested.

The police left the scene, but the area was under surveillance. A few minutes after the officers left, they saw Mullins walk back into the parking lot carrying another toad in his hands.

Mullins was arrested and taken into custody for Trespassing, a Class A misdemeanor.


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