Is the Kittymobile a Distraction to Drivers?

Is the Kittymobile a Distraction to Drivers?

Thomas Vles, a dutch man and founder of Netherlands cat product company transformed his Bakfiets cargo bicycle into a “Kittymobile” including an enclosed transparent compartment for his own cats, Mushi and Cheesy.

Vles rode the Kittymobile about 300 miles from Amsterdam to London to market his new invention.

This creates an interesting and unique problem. How distracting should we allow people to be on the road. How big and slow can a bicycle be?

Not only would Vles dominate and even exceed many bike lengths due to the width of his cat enclosure, but his contraption will potentially distract many people in cars.

It’s still the responsibility of the driver to maintain his focus on the road and drive safely, but certainly this kitty mobile doesn’t help.

The Dutch resident explained that the British people love their animals and had a great response to the online videos and Kickstarter campaigns. So he insisted on driving his vehicle to London to advertise his company Poopy Cat.

The Poopy Cat ambassadors are the owners two cats, Mushi and Cheesy. Which Vles claims are the inspiration to the product development are the testers for the vehicle.

Because there are no first class travel options available for cats, Vles finds the Kittymobile to be a perfect solution to travel with pet cats.


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