John & Ken | Don’t Be an Idiot

John & Ken | Don’t Be an Idiot

John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of the John and Ken Show on KFI AM 640 voice a commercial for KFI accident lawyers Bergener Mirejovsky. Accident? Call us at 1-800-881-2021 for a a free case evaluation.


There are crackpots right now on the freeway. And they’re busy texting and sending stupid messages and pictures on their phones and they’re driving 75 mph.

But we know you’re probably not one of those idiots. But we don’t want you to be an idiot if you get into an accident with them. We want you to talk to Bergener Mirejovsky. They are going to take care of you. Listen a lot of people just trust their insurance company to take care of them. You pay a lot for insurance. You think they’re going to be there for you. That’s not necessarily the case.

If you get hurt, you call the insurance company, now they’re in control. You don’t call the insurance company first. What you do is call Bergener Mirejovsky. Get free legal advice at least to start.

Yeah, they’re the experts. This will cost you nothing. No retainer. No upfront fees.

They’ve secured over $200 Million for their clients. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites.

Get free advice from somebody who knows the insurance companies inside and out. That’s Bergener Mirejovsky.

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