Justice with Sweet James – Episode 39

Justice with Sweet James – Episode 39

Sweet James Bergener joins Matt Money Smith and Don MacLean (sitting in for Petros who is on paternity leave) on the Petros and Money Show AM 570 LA Sports Radio.

Don MacLean misidentifies our second website as “cleaner than a Safeway chicken dot org.” We’re going to assume it was an accident.

Sweet James gives one of the best answers any attorney can give to anyone: Shut up. Just shut your mouth. Don’t say anything.

Steve Sarkisian shouldn’t have given a press conference. It doesn’t matter that the media was demanding it. Consult with your attorneys and issue a press release. Otherwise you end up saying something stupid like, “the moral of the story is don’t mix meds with alcohol.”

They also discuss Roger Goodell and Tom Brady (again) as the drama continues. Sweet James says both sides should save face and come up with an agreement.

New Hampshire prisoner wants to have a beard for religious reasons. The state has to advance their interests against the religious interests of the prisoner. But as James says, “it’s the beard on the inside that counts.”

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