Man Gets $1500 Speeding Ticket Rushing Father to Hospital

Man Gets $1500 Speeding Ticket Rushing Father to Hospital

A Chicago man was fined $1,500 for speeding while trying to rush his father to the hospital to be treated for a heart attack.

Michael O’Neil was driving his father, William, to the emergency room after his father began having symptoms of a heart attack.

However, the Illinois State Police officials claim that nothing was inappropriate about the incident.

William O’Neil is 60-years-old and had a heart attack four years ago. So when he began feeling similar chest and shoulder pain again, William told his son, Michael, 30, they needed to go to the hospital.

According to reports, Michael was allegedly driving 82 mph in a 55 mph zone when he was pulled over.

The trooper walked over to the passenger side and asked what was going on. When William explained he was having a heart attack, the trooper said it didn’t look like he was having a heart attack.

Eventually an ambulance was called to rush William to the hospital. The last thing the trooper told Michael was to slow down and was still given a speeding ticket.

I could understand if the speeding was more excessive than 82 in a 55 or if Michael had been cited for reckless driving. But from the reports it seems the only infraction was speeding.

Fortunately it seems the father survived. But things could have gone far worse.


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