Tim Conway Jr

Tim Conway Jr – our friend on KFI

The Tim Conway Jr Show is hardly the only place an accident attorney can advertise. Even though KFI AM 640 isn’t the easiest way to get our name out there, it’s the method we prefer.

To advertise with Tim Conway Jr, you have to have a good product. And that’s a challenge we happily meet.

When someone finds an attorney in the phone book or off the back of a bus they’re rolling the dice.

And if it turns out the personal injury firm they hired isn’t very good, most people aren’t going to call and complain to the Yellow Pages or the bus company.

Tim Conway Lawyer Sweet James Bergener

Radio is different. When you have a trusted host like Tim Conway Jr endorsing you to his loyal listeners, you’d better be a damn good law firm. Listeners who aren’t satisfied should (and will) complain about their experience.

When Sweet James Bergener set out to start his firm he decided to focus on what was missing in law firms he’d worked for previously – building the firm around the client rather than the attorneys. We’ve built a reputation at great cost by refusing to settle with unreasonable insurance companies. Decisions that might save a firm money in the short run aren’t the kind of decisions that interest Sweet James. The way to be a lasting force for good – one that is capable of protecting accident victims – is to put those accident victims first.

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