Petros & Money | Don’t Get Your Ass Handed To You

Petros & Money | Don’t Get Your Ass Handed To You

Petros Papadakis from the Petros & Money Show tells you who to call after an accident or an injury so that you don’t get your ass handed to you by an insurance company.


Have you been in a car accident? Does somebody owe you money? Has Walter Payton stepped on your neck? You might wanna sue somebody over that. An insurance company that owes you money. On those Spot-Bilt shoes he was wearing.

Listen, insurance companies if they owe you money they’re not going to give you what you deserve unless you have representation. You need a lawyer to go get it! They’re not going to bring it to your house.

That’s why you need someone who cares about our listeners and cares about you and cares about people. Sweet James Bergener! That’s right, Sweet James, the Dense Beard of Justice will descend upon your appointment and Sweet James will not let them out of that thickety jungle until they settle! And $200 Million in settlements for his clients over the years tell the tale. Sweet James and Associates cares about people. Give them a call. Don’t get your ass handed to you if somebody owes you money.

Let Sweet James Bergener go to work for you. I even wore my Bergener hat today. You know what it says? It says, “Bergener! Bergener! Bergener!”

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