Petros & Money | Get Lawyered Up!

Petros & Money | Get Lawyered Up!

Lawyer up! In this Petros and Money commercial, Petros tells his AM 570 LA Sports talk listeners what to do if involved in any sort of accident – call Sweet James Bergener.



Sweet James Bergener. That’s right. Sweet James Bergener is my personal injury attorney.


I’ll call him and sue you for that comment.


Do it! I have attorneys! I’ll get lawyered up in a second. That’s what you need to do if someone owes you money, get lawyered up with Sweet James Bergener. It’s like attaching a rocket launcher to your side and you blow up that Russian guy in Invasion USA.

That’s right. The Dense Beard of Justice, Sweet James Bergener can help you. If somebody owes you money (like an insurance company), you’ve been in an accident – car accident, motorcycle accident, a dog bitten your balls, anything happens, slip and fall – Sweet James Bergener can help you out.

800-881-2021 – you will not pay him anything until you settle. And Sweet James and his associates have recovered over $200 Million in settlements over the years.

Let Sweet James help you at 800-881-2021 or or @sweetjames on Twitter.

Sweet James is a good man. He’s a fabulous personal injury attorney. And he cares about people especially our listeners. Give him a call for whatever questions you have.

We are California personal injury attorneys serving accident victims throughout the state. Specialities include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & falls, police brutality, dog bites & other personal injuries.


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