Pursuit of Naked 300 lb Man in Redondo Beach

Pursuit of Naked 300 lb Man in Redondo Beach

On Thursday May 14th a pursuit suspect had to pulled out from the waters of Redondo Beach after fleeing police and running into the water, naked.

The incident occurred when police tried to pull over the suspect after running a red light near Catalina Avenue and Emerald Street in Redondo Beach.

When officers turned on their lights and siren, the driver failed to pull over and made a turn onto Torrance Boulevard and continued driving towards the beach.

The driver ran into a curb near the lifeguard tower just south of Redondo Beach Pier. The male suspect then got out the vehicle and began running towards the water and removing his clothing when he got in the water.

Police officers chased after the pursuit suspect, whom, reports claim, weighed about 300 pounds.

The suspect was combative and resisted rescue attempts.

Redondo Beach police officers and the Harbor Patrol were able to finally get the suspect out of the water and bring him back to shore after a 40 minute struggle.

Two of the Harbor Patrol officers who fought to bring the male driver ashore exclaimed that in the 20 years they have been officers, they had never seen anything like this.

The officers said the suspect had an unreal amount of energy and tried grabbing his arms, but the man would push off the boat.

One of the officers finally jumped into the water and was able to get the suspect onto the boat by clipping the driver onto the rescue buoy.

The driver was uninjured, taken into custody and later hospitalized for mental evaluation. No alcohol or drugs seemed to be involved in this incident.

The suspect will likely be charged with hit-and-run.

While all this occurred, the suspect’s mother was a passenger in the vehicle during the pursuit. She was not injured in the incident.


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