Robbery Suspect Taken Down by Own Pepper Spray

Robbery Suspect Taken Down by Own Pepper Spray

A Raleigh County man was arrested after his attempt to rob a pharmacy failed when he walked into the cloud of pepper spray he deployed to take down store employees.

Michael Kevin Meadows, 43, was arrested for attempted robbery on Wednesday May 6th.

Meadows walked in and began spraying pepper spray everywhere to take down the employees. When he took steps forward, he walked into the cloud he had created.

On the security footage, police were able to see that Meadows was affected by his own pepper spray.

After walking into his own cloud, the suspect failed his robbery attempts and staggered out and climbed into a 2005 GMC Denali.

Investigators discovered that there was another man driving the vehicle. Police authorities were able to interview the driver and that’s when the driver explained everything to the authorities including the identity of the man who attempted to rob the pharmacy.

The interview with the driver and video footage led to the arrest of Meadows for attempted robbery.

No statement has been released regarding the driver and if they had been charged as an accessory to the attempted robbery.

The suspect was arraigned and bond was set at $100,000.


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