South Carolina Deputy Fired for Body Slamming Student

South Carolina Deputy Fired for Body Slamming Student

Ben Fields, a School Resource Officer (SRO) at Spring Valley High School in North Carolina has been fired after being caught on camera abusing his authority.

The incident began when an unnamed disruptive teen who was texting during class was asked to leave. When she refused, Deputy Ben Fields was called to intervene.

As can be seen in the cell phone videos that have since gone viral, Fields asks the teen to get up or to be forcibly removed. The teen sits quietly as moments later Fields can be seen throwing her and her desk across the room.

The incident was not at all surprising to current and former students of Spring Valley High School who took to Twitter after the videos surfaced on social media.

Known as “Officer Slam,” Fields has received numerous complaints of racism and excessive force. The FBI and Justice Department have initiated a probe into Field’s behavior.

Many people think there is little that can be done when their rights are violated by figures of authority. It’s true that our legal system doesn’t offer enough opportunity to address this type of abuse, but there are some avenues open to victims.

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