Tim Conway Jr | Jesse Jackson Limousine

Tim Conway Jr | Jesse Jackson Limousine

Tim Conway Jr tells you what to do if you’re hit by Jesse Jackson. To see more of the Sweet James Bergener ads from KFI’s Tim Conway Jr visit here.

If you’ve been hurt call 1-800-881-2021 or visit Bergener Mirejovsky.

So perhaps you are a walking down the street, right, and a big old black limousine comes rolling down the street and BANG knocks into you. And all the sudden you’re down and you’re like, “what the hell.”

And then maybe Jesse Jackson is the limo. And Jesse Jackson gets out of the limo and says “Yesssuh!”

“Hey Jesse, did you hit me?”
And you’re like, “Well wait a minute I’m sure you’ve got insurance.”

Well you’ve gotta call Sweet James, I’ll tell you why. If you’ve been injured that’s the only guy you’ve gotta make. Car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, pedestrian, wrongful death, dog bites, anything. You call these guys and get right back on track.

They had a case the other day where they got four times what they asked for. That’s how afraid these guys are of going to court against Bergener & Associates – Sweet James Bergener.

Here’s your phone number 1-800-881-2021 or go to the website www.sweetjames.com

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