Tim Conway Jr | Level the Playing Field

Tim Conway Jr | Level the Playing Field

If you’ve been in a car accident, you need to make sure the insurance company can’t take advantage of you. Tim Conway Jr tells you how to level the playing field.


You know how many times you see rear end accidents on the freeway these days? That’s because everyone’s texting and driving!

Now if you or a friend gets into any kind of accident, you need to get the attorney that Petros at KLAC has talked about for years: James Bergener of Bergener & Associates.

And he’s the real deal. Impressive, great reputation, and he’s got the experience to win your case.

With thousands of auto crashes in the win column, Mr Bergener wields the negotiating power needed to get you the maximum settlement possible.

Semi truck accidents? Any big rig accident is a bad accident. Your car usually comes out second best. First a big truck then a big insurance company hits you and tries to rip you off.

It’s time to even the playing field.

Sweet James? Not so sweet when insurance companies are involved.

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall, pedestrian accidents, dog bites or wrongful death.

Don’t get screwed! Call my friend James Bergener.

Question? Call 1-800-881-2021 for a free consultation or visit Bergener Mirejovsky.

We are California personal injury attorneys serving accident victims throughout the state. Specialities include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & falls, police brutality, dog bites & other personal injuries.


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