Tim Conway Jr | Malibu Car Accident

Tim Conway Jr | Malibu Car Accident

On KFI AM 640 Tim Conway Jr talks about a car crash he saw in Malibu for this Bergener Mirejovsky ad.


I was out in Malibu over the weekend visiting a friend and I saw an unbelievable accident. I was there about two minutes after it happened. And it looked like some people were injured. And what I wanted to do was get out of the car and say, “Hey, you gotta call these guys over here at Bergener Mirejovsky.” I didn’t, but I should have. I should have told them you’ve gotta do this. Because obviously someone was obviously injured there. And you need the best law firm in the world. It’s Bergener Mirejovsky, I’m telling you it’s the best law firm in the world! You don’t have to go on Yelp or online or do any research. I’ve done the research for you. These guys are tops. Alright. Bergener Mirejovsky. Sweet James Bergener and Sam Mirejovsky are gonna take care of you. If you’re injured in an accident – psychologically, mentally physically, the whole run – it’s a very trying time in your life. You need someone to handle the financial part of it while you get better psychologically, emotionally. You gotta call them. Here’s the phone number 1-800-881-2021 or go to the website at sweetjames.com.

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