Tim Conway Jr – James Bergener Not a Scam Artist

Tim Conway Jr – James Bergener Not a Scam Artist


Tim Conway Jr Radio Spot – First Aired 6/27/2014


Maybe you’re listening at home to KFI because you got hit with a car, maybe a truck hit you – I don’t know, somebody ran over your ass man, and it hurts! You need some help!

Well you gotta call James Bergener of Bergener & Associates, they know what they’re doing. When you meet this guy you will say to yourself, “that Conway was telling me the truth about this man.”

Cause I know some other lawyers who do this type of law and they’re scam artists. I do recommend James Bergener.

Car accidents, semi truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall, pedestrian accidents – don’t call anybody else. It’s a very serious matter and you’ve got to call the best man in the world for this. He is the top dog. He’s gonna go after these insurance companies for you.

Don’t go on and do this by yourself. Don’t make that mistake. He’s also maintained over 200 million dollars in settlements for his clients. Here’s the number 1-800-881-2021.

We had a guy email us the other day saying, “I feel like going out and getting hit by a car just so I can call James Bergener.” I don’t recommend you do that, alright. 1-800-881-2021.


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