Tim Conway Jr | Petros Calls the Show

Tim Conway Jr | Petros Calls the Show

Not an officially an advertisement. Just Tim Conway Jr talking with Petros Papadakis (who sounds eerily like Vince Vaughn on the phone) about their love for Sweet James Bergener.

Conway: There’s one thing that you and I agree on though and it’s the Dense Bear(?) of Justice.

Petros: Well you know I kind of feel like I was first to that party too.

Conway: Yes you were, but I’m-

Petros: I was one of the originals to Ports of Call and Sweet James Bergener…

Conway: I’m a hanger-onner!

Petros: Well he’s been wonderful to both of us so let’s just admit it.

Conway: Yeah, he’s great.

Petros: When he puts that Dense Beard of Justice and puts his opponents in that thicketty jungle, he’s not going to let them out until they settle.

Conway: You know there was a guy who emailed me who said between listening to the spots that I do and you do, he feels like getting into a car accident just so he can call Sweet James.

Petros: You know he doesn’t even have to. He can just call and make something up.

Conway: Yeah, that’s true, exactly.

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