Tim Conway Jr | They Can’t Run and Hide

Tim Conway Jr | They Can’t Run and Hide


Tim Conway Jr voices an ad on KFI AM 640 for accident attorney Sweet James Bergener telling a true story of the way insurance companies try to take advantage and how Bergener Mirejovsky can help.


Tim Conway Jr here with a real life story and a victim of the insurance companies. You know those people we pay month to month who are supposed to be there when an accident happens.

Now this is where Sweet James and the Dense Beard of Justice prevailed again.

This woman was hurt in an accident and it wasn’t her fault. She had 10,000 dollars of medical bills and the insurance adjuster was only offering her a measly 7,000 dollars.

James sent an attorney to the adjuster’s office and later that day, James received a fax offering the entire policy limit. Ding Dong!

Listen, insurance companies will try to play games with you. They’ll bully you. They’ll make insulting offers. But they can’t run and hide from Sweet James Bergener and Bergener and Associates.

Slips, trips, car, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, you name it, any kind of accident, they do it all. Sweet James Bergener, he’s here to help you!

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