Tim Conway Jr | Trust the Insurance Company?!

Tim Conway Jr | Trust the Insurance Company?!


Tim Conway Jr. talks about KFI lawyer Sweet James Bergener and why you should call him if you get in an accident.

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Tim Conway Jr here to ask: what are you going to do if you get into an accident? Are you going to call the insurance company? Do you think they’re going to treat you fairly just because they’re a big company?

The last thing insurance companies want to do is treat you fairly, because treating you fairly costs them money. So when you’ve got a billion dollar company looking to settle the cheapest possible way, with minimal dollars to you, you need someone in your corner who knows what he’s doing.

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When you’ve been in an accident or hurt yourself or experienced any kind of personal injury, you need to know how to protect yourself. You need to call James Bergener!

Slip and fall, car, motorcycle, van accident, dog bite – anything! James Bergener has secured more than $200 Million for accident victims. That’s 200 Million! He cares about his clients and gets them what they deserve.


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