Turkish University Students Demand Jedi Temple

Turkish University Students Demand Jedi Temple

20110626_145055_121242The students of Istanbul Technical University have petitioned to have the University build a Buddhist Temple after confirmation that a Mosque would be built on campus.

This debate was sparked last month when Mehmet Karaca, a rector of Istanbul Technical University announced that “a landmark mosque” would be built on the university campus.

Positive responses from the online campaign that Karaca had established, encouraged university students from other religions around Turkey to launch satirical campaigns. Some students said they could not practice their religion because temples were too far.

Despite the obstacles students are facing to get a Buddhist temple built on the Istanbul Technical University, another popular demand from a different Turkish University is the request to build a Jedi temple to recruit new Jedi.

The petition to build the Jedi Temple has received almost four thousand signatures on change.org. Students want “To recruit new Jedi and to bring balance to the Force…”

There is much debate as to whether Turkish universities are administered democratically or not, due to the recent campaigns to build temples around Turkish universities.

That Turkish universities are run like an empire rather than a democracy has many implications.

I think the real takeaway here is that Turkish students are on the right side of history. It’s important to note that they want a Jedi temple rather than the Temple of the Sith.

University officials should take their demands seriously. The more the university tightens its grip, the more students will slip through its fingers.


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