University Student Arrested Over Mac and Cheese

University Student Arrested Over Mac and Cheese

A 19-year-old University of Connecticut student was arrested after a confrontation with the manager of the campus food court manager and is now facing criminal charges.

The incident was caught on video when the young freshman was arguing and pushing the manager.

According to reports, the student was trying to buy mac and cheese with bacon and jalapeƱo peppers at the university’s student union store. The manager refused service because the teen was holding an open alcohol container.

The 9-minute video showed the student being tackled by another employee and being arrested by police. As the freshman was being escorted out he spit on the manager.

He is being charged with breach of peace and criminal trespass.

College students are often accused of thinking they’re special. This episode doesn’t do much to improve that reputation. But beyond college students, it’s good advice for anyone to ask themselves, “is this worth it.” And admittedly, if the mac and cheese has bacon and jalapeƱos in it… the answer might be yes.


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